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Swim Kids Virtual Summer Camps will inspire your child to learn new skills, spark their creativity, get physically active from the comfort of home.

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the Virtual summer Camp?

Swim Kids Swimming School presents a toddler and pre-school virtual summer program with quality instruction and friendly encouragement. This summer camp includes swimming lessons from experienced instructors, yoga classes, and Gym&Sport recreational activities. Go to and register for our Virtual Summer Camp. After registering, you will receive a calendar invite and email with a link, date and time to log into Zoom. We will provide a parent login portal for registration

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Now that summer is officially underway, I’ve been getting nostalgic for classic summer camp crafts. You know, the ones that you would make every year — things to wear, hang on your wall, and gift to your parents at the end of summer..

Virtual Camp Schedule.

Group Classes & Platform:
21⁄2 -6 years old
See schedule, 30 mins per class:
Class sizes:
15-20 kids
Equipment recommended:
Kick boards, noodles, rings

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